We are always looking for college students, law students, community members, persons with degrees in social work looking for hours, persons with community service hours to fulfill, youth wanting to get involved in their own community, anyone who wants to help build a better juvenile justice system, serve the indigent youth population, keep kids out of jail, prevent community deterioration and network with law enforcement, social welfare groups, mental health agencies, schools, placement centers, outdoor educational programs, art programs, music programs, mentoring programs, any other agency serving youth and the courts to better serve the kids and society.


Three projects now seeking volunteers:


Educational Outreach to Youth and Parents in the Community concerning issues facing youth and our "Know your rights" campaign in local schools.


JLWOP/Youth Advocacy Project-raising awareness in Community and Policy Research and Advocacy.


Fundraising and Event Planning; including youth involved art, music, theater and other creatively expressive modes to spread the word to support our youth!


Credit may be available in your local high school, college, university or law school, whether you are a freshman, sophmore, junior or senior or are a 1L, 2L or 3L. 


We are always seeking attorney applicants for pro bono positions as well! 


Congratulations to Our Volunteers of the Year for 2012!!! 


Volunteer Lawyer of the Year 2012

Elizabeth Gillespie


Volunteer Law Student of the Year 2012

Darren Jankord


Volunteer of the Year 2012

Benjamin Fuchs


CJJ is so grateful to these individuals for the outstanding service, commitment and exemplary work product donated to the youth represented by CJJ.  Thank you!