Juvenile Defender Tools and Forms for Legal Representation

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Documentarrest questionsarrest questions for client
Documentdiscovery/investigation worksheetdiscovery/investigation worksheet
Documentdisposition hearing checklistdisposition hearing checklist
Documentinterview forminterview form for client
Documentmedical examination questionsmedical examination questions for client
Documentmental/physical condition questionsmental/physical condition questions for client
Documentpretrial motion worksheetpretrial motion worksheet
Documentprior judicial proceedings questionsprior judicial proceedings questions
Documentstation-house interrogation questionsstation-house interrogation questions
Documentsupplemental parent interview formsupplemental parent interview form
Documentterry stop/auto arrest questionsterry stop/auto arrest questions
Documentwitness-id/line-up questionswitness-id/line-up questions
Documentwitness statement formwitness statement form

These forms are reprinted here with the permission of the Southern Defender Law Center.

Document Library

DocumentPre-Assessments, A Call For JusticePre-Assessments, A Call For Justice, NJDC
DocumentPrinciples in PracticePrinciples in Practice, NJDC
DocumentJuvenile Defender Delinquency NotebookNJDC Advocacy and Training Guide, 2nd Edition
DocumentWhole ChildSouthern Juvenile Defender Center Manual
DocumentTen Principles in Detention AdvocacyTen Principles in Detention Advocacy, NJDC
DocumentDetention ChecklistDetention Checklist, NJDC
DocumentGuildelines for Detention AdvocacyGuidelines for Detention Advocacy, NJDC
DocumentColorado AssessmentReport on Access to Counsel and Quality of Representation in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings

These publications are reprinted here with the permission of the National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC).